First sail of the new boat.

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First sail of the new boat.

Postby aesch » Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:01 pm

Well, actually my only boat - so first sail in my own boat. Previous EC-12 sail was driving Dave Ramos's boat in a fun race before the Nationals last fall - didn't hit anyone and finished at the top of the lower half of the fleet (just like in my smaller boat).
Tried sailing #2065 about 2 weeks ago and had radio problems - fortunately before hitting the water. Not sure what happened - the receiver either lost power (from RMG winch) or signal. Tried twice with different batteries in the boat - same failure mode. Mystery.
Brought boat home and tried to reproduce failure - NG. Bought and installed a voltmeter for the power at the receiver - $10, beautiful little meter. Also bought a new transmitter and receiver (not installed). Anyway, tried various times to get the system to fail, and didn't succeed.
Today took #2065 back to the pond. Things worked at the truck, worked at the dock (better than 2 weeks ago), put it in the water and it was still working. Let it GO! Gee, rudder does the left/right stuff, sails go in and out - run her around the pond.
First thing I notice is that you have to wait a bit for the boat to pick up speed before you load the sails, otherwise there's a LOT of leeway. Second is that the boat tracks like it's on rails compared to my small boat. First cut on mast rake was vertical - haven't seen anything yet to make me change. Sailed the boat for an hour - only tweak was to flatten the foot of the jib a bit.
In addition to it being Easter, it was a good day sailing!

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