Ace Knee strap for tendinitis pain relief

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Ace Knee strap for tendinitis pain relief

Postby rs vernon » Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:02 pm

When I find something that is kind of a miracle for pain in my old body, I like to share it. I have tendinitis in my left knee. It was bad at the regatta and even worse this morning/today.

You can try to diagnose tendinitis in an aching knee by pushing with a finger on each side of your shin bone (about one inch between the fingers) just below the knee cap. Then walk bent over and if your knee feels better, I believe you might have tendinitis.

So I went to the department store looking for a knee wrap/elastic tube that I knew was not really going to help much. But I saw the ACE Adjustable Knee Strap. Follow the directions. It works great for me. Felt better and better as the hours passed. And now tonight there is zero pain. Amazing

I am not a diabetic with the possibility of a leg blood flow problem.

It still does not feel strong or stable, but at least it does not hurt.

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