International Entrants?

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Post by Rick West » Mon Jan 01, 2007 10:44 pm

I have been gone eating and drinking to much, staying up late and acting very silly for an old goat. You all have been plotting and are ahead of me.

There are two different strings going and many points can be separated for clarity. I am not going to address them all in one post. There is too much to read, as it is and I would only create more. I will be brief…laughing in the background.

World Ranking: it is not needed. If an event were challenged that would be specific to world competition, we would be lucky to fill two fleet heat racing.

Event Entry Restrictions: The USA does not do this per se. We have had one event where a national champion and a few very good sailors were more than two minutes in getting their entries time stamped and ended up deep on a standby list. We cannot have this. Due to cancellations no one was excluded that wanted and could be there. We now have an Earned Listing (like a resume) in case we reach a point where we HAVE to decide and it will not be someone of experience.

The USA Class policy is posted on the Class Website in the administrative section. One should note that the Class Secretary has privilege to place past luminaries and international entries to our championship events. The AMYA (US Class authority) section 8.3.2 bylaws provide for the possibility of non-AMYA member entries by using the word, “may.â€

Post by kermwood » Sun Dec 31, 2006 7:11 am

<font size="1"></font id="size1"><font color="blue"></font id="blue">As a "International Entrant" (the fact that l am a AMYA member and sail a US reg boat means that l am on a level par with US skippers l just happen to live a bit further than most)l would like to give my PERSONAL view on some of the points Ian has raised.
l do not know of any regatta where a local was pushed aside for "outsider" to be able to race.and looking at the results of the last two years regatta programe most of them would have welcomed more skippers with open arms.
At Orlando in 2005 there was a overload of skippers,l still think because of the location rather than occasion but it was my understanding that everybody who wanted to did race at the end of the day,and l think that with this event proving so popular the rules surrounding this event were changed to reduce the liklyhood of this happining again
l have been planning to attend more regattas in 2007 and have been doing costings and for me to attend the P.B.G in feb will cost me $1700 for 1.5 days sailing.l don,t think that there is going to be a rush to get boats on planes do you?
And you don,t have to be a international entrant to travel a long distance and at high cost,several US skippers do it all the time
At NZL 2006 l asked around about how many skipper did they think would go to the states in 2009,the feeling was that there would be interest from about six and real commitment from three of them.
l think that if anybody thinks that NZL2006 is going to change the face of the EC12 worldwide l think they are mistaken,its a shame that more US skippers were not willing go and show more committment and so proves my point.
Yes it was a begining and great one at that and one l was proud to be part of.
It will be intresting at "Seattle" in 2009 what the numbers are l expect they will be higher than the norm with the worlds taking place on home ground,l just hope that if a US skipper wins the title AGAIN, that they will be willing to go to AUS in 20012 to defend the title.
(for those of you who do not understand ref "seattle 2009" you had to be there)
World rankings ? how can you make up a ranking list when about 75% of the worlds EC12 skippers did not attend the event and when that event is only going to take place once every three years.
l would love it to be every year at the Nats of one of the major powers one year and another the next and another the next so giving a three year turnaround but that does not seem possable so l think it should be every two years, Rick and l agree to disagree on this,when l see what you NZ guys were able to do in one year at the venue l think every two years is not unresonable ( bearing in mind now that Rick is going to be W/C for THREE years !!!)[:D].

Since when did a question of "reasonable competence" come into wether or not a person should be able to play with his toy boat on the pond or not.There is always a unknown when sailing with skippers you don,t know but you soon find out who to avoid !

My can of worms is better then yours Ian !!!![}:)]

I would like to finish wishing all the people l have met since l started travling the EC12 world a HAPPY NEW YEAR and look forward to seeing more of you next year.

International Entrants?

Post by IanHB » Sat Dec 30, 2006 11:56 pm

I have a question which may cause some debate among the USA skippers but it does need to be talked through.[8D]
What is the "OFFICIAL" position on "International Entrants" to USA regional and national championship regattas?
I know from my readings that some of these regattas are restricted to maximum numbers, due to size of venue, limited resources, time constraints, or any number of factors, which is totally understandable.
Therefore, is it fair that a local is pushed aside for an outsider?[:D]
Or is it felt that if an "international" is prepared to meet the considerable costs in both time and money, that they should have the privilege of a "preferred entry" ?
Perhaps it is thought that an international who is keen enough to attend would be of reasonable competence and hence help the locals to measure their standard on the world stage.[}:)]
Perhaps restricting visitors to the "National Championship" only is the answer.
How about a "World Ranking" system? (What a can of worms that could be.)[:(!]

Anyway, having stirred the mud, now I would like to wish you all the very best of good fortune for the coming year. May you allways be on the correct side of the lift.
Cheers from NZL. Ian.

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