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Secretaryís Report and Comments, 9-28-04

By Rick West


Frank has commented on the excellent work the Miami Valley club did at Dayton. It truly was with every detail covered. As stated, many do not know the stresses of such an event and certainly when the weather does not cooperate and the timing starts to change. Most of the people involved were not in our class and they gave their energies and expertise without exhaustion. On behave of the class a Well Done and Thank You.


In 2001 a team of four was formed to execute the 2002 Nationals at State College. The results of that effort before the event, at and away from the lake, presented future thought that the class had the capability to conduct Nationals without a total commitment at the local club level. Using experienced teams would allow the class to conduct Nationals at virtually any location and choose such based on the centers of class census, quality of the facility and prevailing weather. Some local support would continue where possible but not such that sailing in the event would be compromised. This has been tested for the last two Champions Regatta with positive results.


This was discussed again the first of June and it was decided the class would move in this direction for the next few years and be held in the fourth quarter of the year. Dr. Jarl Wathne, National Champion, will be the Race Director for 2005. Frank and Linda Angel, they who must be obeyed, will be the scorers. The rest of the team will be filled in when the location is known.


An effort is being made for a location in Florida. Due to the disruptions a deeper look is being made with the assistance of Joe Walter, Chairman on the Florida EC12 Association. This will be announced no later than the first of December when a draft of the 2005 class two-day regatta schedule in completed. The regional events will be chosen from this listing. Note: all local coordinators of reoccurring events and those wishing to join the schedule in your area are encouraged to contact Frank Angel for calendar positioning as soon as possible. The annual meeting to do this will not occur this year with the canceling of the Lake Norman event in November.


Class Supporters

During the Nationals we are reminded of the numerous people and businesses around the country and abroad that provide and support products for the EC12. They also support the class with donations and should have our thanks and support in return. Most of you not at this Nationals will recognize those on the list.

Black  Sails, Chuck Black. 619-263-0809 and rcmdlboat@aol.com

Bobís Boatyard, Bob Sterne. 604-461-2547 and www.myrc.org/bobsterne.htm

Chesapeake Performance Models, David Ramos. 410-604-3907 and www.rcyachts.com

DT Sails, Danny Thomas. 410-531-5302.

Eagle Stamp and Engraving, Inc., Steve and Katie Mulry. 888-889-2676 and eaglestampeng@citlink.net

Great Basin Model Yachting, Don Ginthner. 702-363-1900 and www.gbmy.com

Hickman Enterprises, Skip Hickman. 352-793-5825 and http://hometown.aol.com/ec12yachts

Horizon Hobbies 217-362-1913

IFG Fiberglass, John Unterreiner. 919-319-7629 and jhunter3240@aol.com

Peconic Boatworks, Matt Houghton. 717-243-8430 and mattoh130@comcast.net

Rinehart Rudders, Mark Rinehart. 302-378-0143 and mrkadra@aol.com

Robin Yachts, Skip Allen. 770-339-8118 and allen241@bellsouth.net

RMG Sailwinch, Rob Guyatt. www.users.bigpond.com/rmgsw

Sail Away-RC Sail Cases, Esther Romero. 530-622-6455 and www.sailcases.com

The Sailors Tailor, Inc., Bob and Sandy Rowland. 937-862-7781 and www.beanbag.com

Windjammin Sails, Scott Rowland. 937-291-1163 and www.beanbag.com/wjsails.htm

Thank you all!



There is an alarming increase in registration requests that would amount to a personal sail number. Unless there is a very compelling reason, I am not inclined to accommodate these requests. Yacht registration numbers are issued to the boat or the hull a boat will be built into. This record in the Registry is the linage and history of the boat and belongs solely to the boat.

It can be understood the desire to have a number personal to the owner of a boat. We have a way to do that while serving respect to the boatís history and when it is passed on to someone else. That is to own two boats. The use of the same rigs on two boats has been published here. If you like the number you have now, do not sell the boat but buy a new one and use the same old sail number on it. The new boat will be registered and have itís own number for future owners.


It is not a pleasant thought but many boats out live their owners. Even more frequently owners are within the hobby but a short time and the boats are passed on to many others over the years.


If you acquired the Sherley Plantation on the shore of the James River in Virginia from the Carterís, who have had it for 11 generations, would you change the name? Would you be allowed to?


Thank you for your understanding.




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