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Revised:  01/21/2010

  Class Secretaryís Status Report 09-08-04

By Rick West


Hull Standard Program

The weather situation in Florida has been unsettling to say the least. The fallout of two major hurricanes has required many assessments of priorities and a toy boat program for this class has taken its proper place. This is as it should be while at this writing yet another gathers strength as it moves northwestward across the Caribbean. It is time to take a breather and move forward when the paths are not so littered.


When Francis arrived for the Labor Day weekend the AMYA Membership Secretary closed the office, the Dannenhoffer family evacuated with tens of thousands of others and the hull standard program took a pause midway through the production of the first commercial mold set. Further reports on the program will be forthcoming when there is something significant to report. It will not be long but there is needed pause.


Status of the Class

In the recent issue 134 of Model Yachting it may have been noted that the class census was at 336. This was three behind Victoria and third on the list of AMYA classes. This was down from the usual 350ís and there was some grumbling about it. However, all the numbers were down, as AMYA moved into a quarterly rolling membership renewal program. This was noted by editorís comment along side the census chart. Despite this, AMYA has a huge turnover of membership each year and all the classes are affected. Anyone active in a major club knows this.


It took seven months for program changes in the EC12 class to begin showing up to the full view of AMYA. This is normal and inherent in the process of a volunteer organization and the print media. EC12 Net was developed to shorten this time line to a week. The latest issue of MY begins a steady flow of information about the EC12 class to all of AMYA over programs that will stretch into the fall of 2005. On the rear cover of the issue was a striking color presentation of the class prepared by Joe Walter, Chairman of the Florida EC12 Association, and there will be similar inclusions over the next four issues.


You may have also noted the increased presence of the EC12 in the issue with photos and articles from our own Frank Angel and David Brawner. The traditional reporting in the class section has changed for the EC12 in that now it will be a report to the AMYA membership of what is going on in the class. This media, EC12 Net News, has been and will be the prime communications with the class. Additionally, many have noted a big push to have all the regatta reports sent to AMYA for inclusion in Model Yachting. This has been requested of all the Race Directors and can be coordinated through Frank Angel if assistance is needed. The EC12 is a big part of AMYA and so our presence should be the same. This is not a contest of numbers, currently in second place with 354, but a selfish persistence that our playground remains full and the fun meter revving. Class distribution by region is:

R1=41, R2=57, R3=156, R4=42, R5=31, R6=27. More than half of R3 is Florida alone.


The financial picture for the class, as of September 1 in round numbers, is stable for the moment with $2486 in the bank and $243 in operating capital. The class has spent $1624 in the hull standard program, $390 in advertising, a $50 donation and $53 in operating expenses. The class has taken in $277 in boat registrations and received $705 in donations. However, the hull standard program will deplete the treasury in the bank at its completion. At that time the class will own a master plug, a daughter plug, a master mold set and several shipping crates. The class will own and be leasing three commercial mold sets in addition to our master. It is anticipated the class will recover its investment in the hull standard program through the mold leasing arrangements with the hull manufacturers over three years. While this presents some peaks and valleys with a bright light at the end of the tunnel, donations to the class are always appreciated and put to good use. Thank you all.


The Traveling Class Secretary

The class office on the West Coast will be closed September 13 for the rest of the month. There will be an EC12 demonstration in Newport News, VA, as there is major interest in restarting class participation in Richmond and eastern Virginia. I will go from there to the Nationals in Dayton and return my gear to Philadelphia at the end. I will have the class Registry and records with me and will be online nightly (ec12@amya.org) for boat registrations and questions. Mailings, however, will be delayed till the first week of October.


There will be about a dozen people at Newport News for EC12ís and another dozen for J-class. There are 38 signed up for the EC12 Nationals. This if a 3-1/2 day, four night party that I am looking forward to sailing in. If you have not been to one of these events on the East Coast, you have missed a major happening and even worth the effort as a spectator.






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