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Secretary’s Report, October 14, 2004

By Rick West

The Hull Standard

The results of the devastation and disruptions from the hurricane season continue today. The backlog of repairs and reconstruction extends beyond the horizon of reasonable planning and expectations. This and the continued backlog of orders for hulls from the new molds has prompted decisions and this notice.

It is not expected that hulls from the new molds will hit the street till deep into 2005. It is certain they will not be available for the upcoming building season and certainly long after the 2005 regatta schedule begins. The class should understand that results from these events are not within our control and decisions by priority are in order. Class building needs must move forward and orders should be placed now for those needs.


Once again it is stressed that the molds ordered for the class are of the same hull standard we have used since 1999. The molds have been ordered to replace lost assets of the class and to establish a program with the manufacturers to strengthen and ensure the one-design hull status of the EC12. This project is solely for this purpose and establishing control of class assets.


Old timers around here remember that when the concept and study toward a hull standard began, it was late 1999 before production began. Things happen. If you are of the mind to have the latest thing out and waiting for this new production, you are waiting on a train that has not departed and the horse you may want to ride is in the section below. It is a matter of preference and priorities.


Hull Manufacturers

Some of the hull builders for the class were looking forward to the new molds. All of them agree that it is time to move on until the light of the train is visible at the end of the tunnel. The listing of certified manufacturers and their information is located in the building section of the class website. They are listed here, as there are some that you have not seen yet.

Hickman Enterprises, Skip Hickman, Florida

Scale Marine, Dwight Hartman, Missouri

Robin Yachts, Skip Allen, Georgia

IFG, John Unterreiner, North Carolina

Peconic Boatworks, Matt and Pete Houghton, Pennsylvania


Ludwig Manufacturing, Larry Ludwig, is in the San Antonio area of Texas and has informed the class that they are entering the certification process.



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