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Revised:  01/21/2010

  Class Secretary’s Status Report 11-10-04

By Rick West


State of the Class


At the last database reporting three weeks ago class census was 365. This number is increasing respective to the database updates, 29 over last Spring. There are $288 in operating capital on hand and $2486 in the bank with the Treasurer. It should be noted that the class has not received payment for registrations submitted through the AMYA annual renewal process for boat registrations that have been performed for this year and extending into last year. An audit of this has been submitted to AMYA. When received it will change our balances considerably. Please do not use the annual renewal process to pay for your boat registrations. It is a broken system and creates delays in service to you and payment to the class.


Note: Model Yachting issue 135 has not been received here 12 days after it hit the street with first class mailing. It has been reported that the class populations are a repeat of the previous issue, which is four months old information now. The EC12 population is 365 over Victoria at 332.


This is the time of year that all local representatives are requested to get their two-day regatta information into Frank Angel and you all know who he is and how to get to him. It is important that you do this now so the schedule can be posted soon. You may not be aware but many plan now for our national sailing schedule. A site of the National Championship should be announced soon. There are about a half dozen people working on this and every effort is being made to secure a location in Florida. At this writing South Daytona is wrapped up with Melbourne the first of December being the last on the 2004. Two-thirds of the qualifiers for the Champions Regatta in Charleston next year have been posted and Florida will add theirs in a month. So, it is time to start putting the 2005 schedule together.


Some of you have noticed, and many more will in the coming weeks, that boat registrations is changing in looks. Registrations and the research that sometimes occurs are the busier daily administrative functions of this office. With the coming advent of a new program with hull manufacturers and the certification of hulls, many other considerations were needed to embrace the process along with some upgrading. Here is what you will see:

bulletThe number you have long called the "Sail Number" will now be the Yacht Registration Number, YRN for short. This number, like all registered in the past, is for the yacht and not you. So, the name has been change to reflect the truth.
bulletThe hull label that is molded in the hull of the yacht will now carry the YRN, the manufacturer’s designator and serial number and a certificate number where indicated.
bulletThe Yacht Registration Card that you never carry around has been redesigned and in addition to your information as owner will present the same information as the hull label. This card will arrive laminated in an airline bag tag form so you can learn to carry it around. It will present some additional information you are always asking about so read the backside.
bulletFor some time you have been able to send in registration information online through the class website. We will now complete the process so you can pay the registration fee online. This will be done through PayPal, an online money transfer company that will forward your payment to the class through an email address. You do not need to have an account with PayPal to do so. Instructions are simple and will be listed on the class website when it is available.
bulletOkay the bad news…registration fees will now be $6, which includes a dollar add on for administrative production costs and that postal fee have increased considerable over the last 20 years. This will not be until the first of the year and with approval by AMYA.

My next report here will continue with administrative matters and some class business. This will be following the Melbourne event and the close of the 2004 racing season.




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