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Revised:  01/21/2010

  Secretary’s Report to the Class           May 2004

…by Rick West


EC12 Hull Standard

There has been progress in the process outlined to the class earlier to reconstruct the hull standard program with the manufacturers. The Master Plug and Mold set has been completed and a test hull made for evaluation. The process to build identical commercial mold sets for the manufacturers will have begun by the time you read this report. It is hoped that the first of these sets will be shipped the first part of June. The Hull Standard section on the Building site should also have been updated by this reading.


There has been more delay in the project that envisioned. This has been by the careful process followed in the fairing of the Master Plug’s surface and the curing of all productions. The latter can take over a week of just sitting and is to ensure that in time there will be no warping of the plugs and molds. Attention to details and careful inspections has been ongoing since the beginning. The process is long and needs to be right for the time and money spent.

Class Registrations


AMYA provides a process for registering boats with each of the classes through the membership renewal process. While this seems like a "One-Stop" process with the use of credit card payment, it is fraught with delays and lack of details for a large class like the EC12. The information needed for a registration is sent with the renewal in an uncontrolled format. In time it is then grouped by the Membership Secretary and sent to the Class Secretaries. Individual registrations are then attempted with the information available. In time AMYA sends the fees to the class. Since assuming this office none of these requests sent through the renewal process was complete enough to finalize a registration. Here are some of the issues:


bulletThe timing is not quick enough for those with a new boat in an event active class like this. Some have been as long as two months.
bulletEmails are often changed and/or phone numbers missing, hence no way to contact the owners except by US mail.
bulletSeveral registrations have been requested for other club members as a group with only the name of the renewal member noted.
bulletRegistrations are requested for boats that are never built or even sold before the information is received.
bulletSome are never received for reasons unknown.
bulletPayment to the class from AMYA is a long and laborious process.

The workload and communications is long and research difficult for Membership and the Class. Many are never completed until those requesting a registration follow up after not hearing anything. The process, as seen from here, does not meet a reasonable controlled business process or the timing needed by the class. It would serve the class better if such registrations are not conducted.


The class website provides an electronic form for registrations. When it is printed out for mailing with the fee, an email is automatically sent to me as a "Heads Up." If this process is not for you there are dozens of ways to get a registration, fast and by the time you need it. Those that are still not interested in any electronic process should know someone with an EC12 who knows or can find my phone number.


An electronic version of the class registry is carried on a laptop and I am available 24/7 by phone when away from home. An email or a phone call can get a registration that is assigned and can be verified by any official from me by phone. The paperwork and packet will be mailed later when the fee is received. Please advise all you know that are new to the class to please use any of the processes provided by the class. They are user friendly and expedient.






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