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From Rick West EC –12 Meter Class Secretary

January 21, 2004

Class Transfer
The administration of the class was transferred smoothly on 15 January in Seattle. Because of Rod Carr’s organizational process I was able to begin class functions immediately when arriving back in San Francisco. This is fortunate for immediately upon announcement of the voting phone calls and emails flooded Frank’s office while I was on the road. This rush to business did not settle down for several days. Your support and enthusiasm is appreciated and hope that it will be within some moderation as we move forward.

The administration will begin with the following officers on the Class Advisory Committee. This will grow through this year as things settle down.
Frank Angel, Chief of Staff
David Brawner
John Bottensek
Pete Kremlick, Manufacturer’s Liaison
In addition Rod Carr, Mark Rinehart and Joe Walter will assist the CAC ex officio in most sessions. Rod’s contribution is obvious with his long history with the class. Joe is Chairman of the Florida Association, the largest organized group in one state the class has. Mark has been Class Treasurer for some time and we don’t disturb the guy with the money. I will advise you as this staff grows.

Business: All matters regarding the registration and transfer of boats will come directly to me and I will maintain the class records. I will also make all decisions executive to the class. It is requested that all other business before the class be directed to Frank Angel. He is the one that will pass on information, requests and will organize most of the class business. He has been doing more than you know for this class out of Durham, NC, and there is no reason to change that. Your cooperation in this structure is appreciated.

EC12 Net will be the primary means of communications with the class. It is here that class operations will be reported. It is near instantaneous, as frequent as needed and we can change something quick if we mess up. All matters requiring a vote of the class membership will be discussed here but the voting and process will be through regular issues of Model Yachting with whatever time frames are needed there.

Card Sound MYC, Florida
Part of the busyness has been communications with this very large group of EC12s in the Key Largo area. Apparently, they have been autonomous to other Florida operations and now wish to come out and join in the organized playground. They are sincere, eager, excited and willing to work toward the legalities needed to be part of the class and our fun. Please welcome these members and share with them as we share among ourselves.

The Dumas EC12
THIS IS AN IMPORTANT READ: Prior to this administration several attempts were made to communicate with Dumas Products regarding the current hull standard used by certified manufacturers. The class has offered to assist Dumas with retooling to upgrade the Heritage EC12 like we do with current builders. Dumas has not been responsive. The issue has been pending and this week it was decided to make one more offer to Dumas hoping they will move forward and continue the long association with the class. They may not wish to do so and a timeline has been established for March 1, 2004. We hope this will not be the case. It should be noted by the class, through you and all those you know, that Dumas EC12 hulls purchased AFTER this date MAY NOT be accepted for registration. You will be advised here as this progresses.

Rick West



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