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Class Secretary Information  12-25-04

By Rick West


2005 Nationals

We are very happy to announce that Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando has agreed to our request for holding the 2005 Nationals at one of their resorts. The race venue will be at the year old Pop Century Resort on Hourglass Lake, November 2-5, 2005. The Florida EC12 Association, AMYA #21, is the hosting organization with Joe Walter and Kent Farndell being the point people on the ground for the class.


The details of the event will be worked out the first few weeks in January. Disney has never hosted such an event and hence, has some concerns and issues that will require explanations by our team. Disney has been accommodating and is eager to be a part of this event. This, along with the efforts of Joe and Kent, will insure a premier venue within the restricted class budget like those of 2002 and 2004.


A class National’s regatta team will officiate the event with Dr. Jarl Wathne, Race Director; Rick West, Gopher; Frank Angel, Scorer and Linda Angel lakeside Coordinator.


Pop Century Resort is one of Disney's value resorts and will block lakeside rooms for us on the ground floor at substantial savings over their regular rates. You will literally step out of your hotel room and set your boat down at the race site. The Saturday night banquet will be at one of their signature restaurants in Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex.


The Florida Association will host a website with aerial and ground level photos of the venue within a month. All the normal notices and communications will be passed through this site.


This event will be restricted to 42 entries, not because it is at Disney World but because we have been pushing this limit at two of the last three. The details of a “First-Up-First-In” process will be posted soon so that long range plans can be made. There will be a standby list, if needed, and reservations at Pop Century will be controlled. It will be to the benefit of all to see the details before making advance plans and no entries will be accepted till a date to be specified.


The 2005 EC-12 Nationals will be a fantastic event that you will want to bring the whole family to.  Everything that Disney has to offer will be at your fingertips. This promises to be one of the more memorable regattas and affordable vacations you may ever experience.


We are pleased to announce the Chicago MYC will be joining our national two-day regatta schedule to host the Region 4 Championship on August 20-21, 2005. This is a major happening as the region is becoming more active in this class. Additionally it is announced, Chicago will host the 2006 Nationals at a date to be determined but certainly before the Hawk arrives. 

12 Discussions
The Administrator, Paul Proefrock, has posted a notice on the forum regarding a growing number of repetitive questions being posted to many topics. With the increase of new members joining the class and building boats from the class resources, there is concern that many questions will not be answered.


This concern is that many of those that form the knowledge base of this class are growing weary of answering the same questions repeatedly and may soon ignore a newcomer. Paul’s post is hard to miss and hoped that it will draw attention to the SEARCH function on the forum. It works and will provide many postings to read regarding a subject being sought. Please pass this information to local newcomers should they become frustrated for needed answers.


Registration Fees
As stated before, these fees will increase to $6 the first of the year. The class will be providing services and conveniences to the members that warrant the dollar increase. This dollar, also stated, is an administrative fee to cover the costs involved and not an action by AMYA who sets this fee. Therefore the dollar is voluntary and cannot be imposed by the class secretary. I ask you to be of charitable spirit and pay it. You may inherit this job.


Happy New Year




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