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Revised:  01/21/2010


Class Secretary’s Status Report   12-03-04

By Rick West


Club Growth

Communications here over the last two months is indicating the growth that is slow to show in the record. Four places have been particularly noticed recently at this office.

Albuquerque, NM – Duke City MYC has built a fleet of eight EC12’s there in Region 5 with a presence at the last two National Championship Regattas.

Ann Arbor, MI – Signs of the EC12 are being notice here in the office by email and calls. Some of these are traveling to Florida at times but there is activity in Ann Arbor.

Minneapolis, MN – Captains from the Edina MYC have surprisingly been above the radar and were featured in MY135

Spring Lake, NJ – The Marbleheaders were formed in 1992 sailing a M class double ender at a spring fed lake one block off the ocean. They prepared a display of their classical and finely finished boats for a J class event there in 2004. Now a fleet of EC12’ are growing there with more boats on order for 2005.


 A Major Omission

On banquet night at the Nationals in Dayton there was recognition of many including the senior and stately Paul Bowen from North Carolina. I am embarrassed and apologize to Dick and Pat Hein for a major omission by not acknowledging their presence. Dick is one of the founding fathers of AMYA, a past president and EC12 supporter for 30 years. We met at the 2002 NCR at State College, PA. He has been to numerous EC12 NCR’s over the years. Thank you for the support, Dick.


Class Information

November saw the class grow to over 370 with seven new members from Florida, New Jersey and Michigan. EC12Net is standing at 412 for this writing. The class had a full-page display on the back of the front cover of Model Yachting 135 if you haven’t seen it. Another was submitted for 136. The office in North Carolina, which brings you this missive, is about to announce the 2005 regatta schedule. We have been delayed in setting up the Nationals due to confirmations but it is said now that it will be in Florida and very likely at this LOCATION.


Administrative Update

Continuing the information flow of the last report there are some new things you will see over the next month. The information sheet on Boat Registrations has been moved from the class website to ec12.info at the link above. This move was made to integrate it into processes on the site and make it more easily updated when needed. This has also been updated for the current class policy and to show you what the certificate and registration cards will look like. Some have already received these while their commissioned boats are under construction.


Within the next month you are likely to see the beginnings of a major update of the class website. This will create a more modern look and reorganization of the content inside. With some added features for the class. This will be a process in time, as it is not easily done.


The electronic registration form will still be on the class website in the Administrative section. This will be upgraded also for easier use with instructions that will include online payment to the class through PayPal, an online money transfer company from EBay. The class is working on arrangements with Ragged Symmetry Ltd. to be the sole distributor of the EC12 Manuals and the cradle drawings. The class currently has a digital master drawing for construction use for those who cannot download the file. This and a few other things the office is working on will create a store of EC12 items that can be ordered and paid for online or by paper, as an option.


Happy Holidays to All




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