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EC-12 ANNUAL REPORT 2001                                        Rod Carr EC-12 Class Secretary


The EC-12 Class runs its business on the October-to-October fiscal year that matches AMYA membership renewals.  So with the close of business on September 30, 2001 we were in position to review the 2001 progress of the class and use that information as a basis for 2002 decision making.


First, I would like to thank the Class Advisory Committee for their continuing thoughtful advice in the guidance of the Class.  The rapid response of the Committee to e-mailed questions allows the class to conduct its business with both speed and from a comprehensive base of experience and opinion.  Regional concerns are fairly represented and a commitment to the future of the class is obvious in their deliberations.


2001 brought a major success with new registrations and transfers at 96 boat, close to the goal of 100.  This continues a trend that has been robust over the past few years.  The statistics that I keep are presented in bar charts below that show new boats and transfers by manufacturer.



The effect of our limited manufacturing capacity can be seen by comparing the ratio of new boats registered to old boats undergoing transfer.  In 2000 that ratio was approximately 3 new boats to 1 transfer.  In 2001 however, though the same total number of boats were administratively processed, the ratio of new boats to transfers dropped to 2 to 1.  I hope that new manufacturing capacity will turn this around and instigate sustainable growth in future years.


2001 brought a disappointment in an inability to bring online our newly identified commercial manufacturers.  The first-choice Ohio firm underwent a change in management and finally declared bankruptcy in early September.  The daughter plug was immediately sent to the third firm on the list of candidates located in Virginia.  The second firm located in Washington State underwent a complete relocation but is involved in mold making at the present moment, giving me hope that we may still yet get two commercial firms on line before the end of the year.


We lost two manufacturers during the year.  George Ribeiro Products made the decision to cease EC-12 production and was decertified.  Graves Little Boatyard was decertified by action of the Class Secretary with the consent of the Class Advisory Committee.  The class is still involved in retrieving its keel gauge, reference weight and daughter plug from Graves.


The 2001 Class National Championship Regatta was held at Lake Norman with 38 boats taking part, a new class record.  A commitment has been received from Fred Maurer to hold the 2002 Nationals at State College, Pennsylvania on October 3 5.  We have received an invitation from the San Diego Argonauts to hold the 2003 Nationals at their famous pond during Race Week in August of 2003.  We are offered the final Saturday/Sunday for our Nationals, with the preceding Friday being a lay day that we could use for a self-administered team race/practice day.  So we are in the lucky position of now having the opportunity to solicit bids for the 2004 event, with plenty of time for the selected club to get its ducks in a row.


The Class Treasury continues in very good condition.  We have the resources to meet any anticipated requirements such as construction of new daughter plugs.  Our 2001 Income Statement for the period from 10/01/00 thru 9/30/01 showed:


Income                         $505.00          Class Savings Account 10/16/01                      $ 2,561.80

Outgo                           $144.92          Class Secretary Funds Held 9/30/01                  587.85

Net Income                  $360.08                                                          TOTAL          $ 3,149.65



Bob Wells has found respite from his architectural slavery and rededicated his able talents to the development of our long awaited EC-12 Construction Manual.  He is in touch with builders across the class and the country.  He will  pulling together a document that will guide a new generation of skippers through the outfitting a new boat with specific guidance as to configuration, equipment and procedures. 













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