• The EC12 is a one-design radio controlled yacht about 59 inches in length, a mast standing 72 inches above the deck, supporting about 1300 square inches of sail and weighing around 24 pounds
    • The class is one the premier R/C Yachts in the American Model Yachting Association. The Class is well organized energetic and active with over 400 members hosting over 20 two-day sailing regatta throughout the East Coast and the Midwest. The posted sailing schedule is 12 months a year. Local clubs offer additional weekly and monthly club events.
    • The group is eager and quick to share building tips, resources and help. But be prepared, the websites are photo-intensive. Welcome to the group, we're anxious to get to know you.


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An Informational Class Newsletter

Updated: January 1, 2014


Local Club Monthly Events...

This is a rolling 30-day listing of EC12 one day regattas reported to the class by local organizers.


Event Info...

Class Sailing Schedule

Next Regattas
Jacksonville Regatta,
St. Auguatine FL April 26-27

  • Tony Shoaf won his first ever EC12 regatta in Atlanta. A BIG Congratulations from the Class Tony.
  • Congratulations to Dave Ramos for his victory at Mt. Laurel and to Dick Hedderick for his win in St. Pete. Both skippers had to deal with difficult conditions.
  • Dave Ramos is the 2014 Champions Regatta winner, beating out a very strong field in one of the toughest races in the EC12 Class.
  • Congratulation to...you guessed it...Alan Perkins for winning Palm Beach Gardens.
  • Congratulations to Alan Perkins again for another great win in Naples.
  • Congratulations to Alan Perkins on winning the Punta Gorda Holiday Regatta.


Latest News

  • The 2014 NCR will be at Chicago Race Week in September. CLICK here to go to the site
  • New Class Measurement Certification Policy is posted HERE.
  • Reichard Kahle's NCR report and the full results with lots of photos have been posted. The Greensboro MYC did a fantastic job as hosts. Check it out here.
  • Be sure to get your entries in for the upcoming regattas.
  • New National Seeding List and recommendations for running multi-fleet regattas. Read here.